Great food. Great service. Great prices.

We are convenient to East Carolina University, and provide both dine-in and take-out service! We serve hibachi-grilled lunches and dinners, which are quickly prepared to order at a great value! Our restaurant uses fresh vegetables and the best meat to cook our food. We use vegetable oil, and none of our food contains MSG. We look after your tastebuds and your health! Our meat is cooked on the grill, not deep-fried, and is therefore healthier. We also have the sauce that everyone craves with their japanese: the special white sauce! In addition, we also have the spicy mustard, sriracha, ginger, and teriyaki sauces for your convenience! Good food, good service, and good prices. You can't beat Hibachi Japan!

Ways to Order at Hibachi Japan

  • 1. Visit our store at 110 E. 10th Street, Suite 200 in Greenville, NC!
  • 2. Call-in an order at 252-364-8200!
  • 3. Fax an order at 252-364-8201!

Hibachi Japan Business Hours

  • Monday-Saturday: 11am-10pm
  • Sunday: 12pm-10pm

Find us on Facebook!


Find us on Facebook, invite your friends, and meet at our place for lunch! We offer student discounts! You can find us by clicking the Facebook logo to the left.